“Perfection is not attainable. But if one chases perfection, they may reach excellence”
— Vince Lombardi


My life has been emersed in the world of the Marketing/Graphic Design industry since graduating the Commercial Art Program at
St. Clair College, in 1992.

Beginning with primitive techniques, I started as a film stripper with Herald Press. Through positions that followed, I have kept up with industry trends and evolved into a skilled professional that has since become quite comfortable with the digital technology that we use now.


These years have given me extensive "on-the-go" problem solving skills in the setting of very fast paced customer demands. I have become extremely familiar with every form of design-oriented marketing media including offset printing, large format advertising, vehicle wrapping and web oriented design. There are very few areas that I am not completely comfortable in my abilities to produce high quality professional results from start to finish. 

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